The Oldest and Largest Employers' Trade Union in Malaysia



We have two Grade III Conductors earning a salary of RM715 and RM750 per month respectively as at 30.6.2009. What is their salary as at 1.7.2009?
A1: As at 1.7.2009, their salary is RM875 per month.  The same principle would be applicable to Grade II, Grade I and Special Grade employees.  They will be drawing a salary as follows:


   Grade ll  -  RM1,025 }
    Grade l  -  RM1,215  }  RM1,465
   Special Grade  -  RM1,425  }  RM1,715


If the salary of a staff member is more than the maximum salary scale as at 30.6.2009, is he entitled to the salary conversion/salary revision?
A2: The salary conversion as contained in Appendix “C” to the Agreement is not automatically applicable to him. It is, therefore, recommended that the estate considers granting him an appropriate revision of salary.
If the salary of a probationer was RM645 per month on or after 1.7.2009, what would be his salary adjustment?
A3: His adjusted salary would be RM720 per month in accordance with the new probationary scale.
For a Grade III Clerk who joined on 1.8.2009 and earned a basic salary of RM925 per month, how much would his salary be under the new Agreement?
A4: His basic salary under the new Agreement would be RM955 which is the next higher step in the new salary scale.  The conversion table is not applicable to him    as he was not yet in employment as at 30.6.2009.
For a Company which newly joined MAPA and is listed as a party to the current 2010 Agreement for the first time, are their staff employees entitled to the salary conversion as contained in Appendix “C”?
A5: Appendix “C” on salary conversion is not applicable to member companies who  are parties to the Agreement for the first time.  The salary conversion tables are only applicable to member companies who are listed in the previous expired 2006 Agreement.  The salary conversion table is based on the salary paid under this  expired Agreement.  Accordingly, if staff employees were not covered under the expired 2006 Agreement, they would not automatically be entitled to the salary conversion as contained in Appendix “C”.
If staff employees were required to work on their rest days and public holidays between 1.7.2009 and 30.12.2009, will they be entitled to the ex-gratia payment based on the difference between the revised salary and the old salary for such work done?
A6: They will not be entitled to the difference in payment between the revised salary and the old salary for work done on rest days and public holidays during such period except for overtime work.