Headquarters Services

Generally, the services could be summarized as follows: –

  • To negotiate various collective agreements with employees’ trade unions.  At the National level, the Association negotiates with the NUPW in respect of about six Collective Agreements covering approximately 150,000 workers.  It also negotiates with the AMESU and NUCW in respect of terms and conditions of employment of Clerical, Medical & Health and Technical Staff and Non-Clerical Staff and Port Installations employees respectively;
  • To represent and participate in various Boards, Committees, Councils and Panels set up by Government Bodies on labour and related matters;
  • To co-ordinate uniformity in practices and implementation of policies on labour and related matters among members;
  • To conduct, collate and report on research, survey and studies on matters of interest to members on local as well as nation-wide basis;
  • To advise members on all labour and industrial relations matters, particularly those relating to wages and terms and conditions of employment.